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Like almost every other video production company, we have our own blog.

Here, we regularly post informative and helpful blog posts as well as the latest news from the company. If you are looking to learn a little more about web video production, corporate video production, viral video production or even just marketing your videos online, we urge you to check out our posts.

4 Of The Funniest Super Bowl Ads 2013

27th February 2013 by admin

Ok, I realise we’re a bit late this one (around a month late if we’re honest) but hey, we’ve been busy, so don’t judge!

As I’m sure you’re all aware, the Super Bowl 2013 took place at the beginning of February and as usual, it attracted more than its fair share of creative, funny and downright crazy adverts from some of the world’s most well-known companies.

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A Brief History Of YouTube [INFOGRAPHIC]

4th February 2013 by admin

It’s been eight years (as of February 14th) since the creators of YouTube officially founded the site and if you’re anything like us, you probably can’t remember what the world was like without it (and nor would you want to).

We absolutely adore YouTube, so to show our love for the site this Valentine’s Day (coincidentally also the date it was founded), we’ve created a beautiful infographic documenting the journey of the site over the past eight years. Embed code at the bottom.

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5 Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube (that you should actually care about)

24th January 2013 by admin

YouTube is the biggest, most well-known and most widely used video sharing site in the world but by no means is it the only one you should care about. It won’t take much ‘googling’ to find that there are literally hundreds of video sharing sites like YouTube (Vimeo, Yahoo Video, Veoh etc) but the thing is, uploading your video to this huge list of sites is not only going to be time-consuming, but also pretty pointless.

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