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By admin

On 10, Oct 2012 | No Comments | In | By admin

The Association Bar (The Original)

We’ve created a fair few promotional videos for The Association Bar but it all started with this one, shot shortly after opening in 2011.

The Association Bar pulled out all the stops for their original video, hiring fire-eaters on stilts to add some flair and excitement. Our chief videographer and resident Association photographer, Martin Rezi grabbed his camera and captured the events of the night on film, working hard until the early hours of the morning.

Short on the Canon 5D MKII, we were able to eliminate the need for heavy, bulky equipment allowing us to capture the events of the night as they happened. After a day in the editing studio, we produced a short, lively promotional video which soon racked up thousands of videos on YouTube after being shared by The Association Bar’s loyal Associates on Facebook and Twitter.

Following the success of the original video, we have produced a number of other videos for The Association Bar to promote upcoming events and occasions including Halloween, Christmas and the bar’s one year Birthday celebrations.