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By admin

On 10, Oct 2012 | No Comments | In | By admin

The Bespoke Bartender Company

When we got the call from Richard at The Bespoke Bartender Company asking us to produce a short web video promoting his unique and exciting mobile bar service, we asked him just one question; how soon can we get to work!?

We were already familiar with Richard’s work and luckily, he was familiar with ours so we quickly set up an informal meeting with himself and his partner to ‘get the ball rolling’.

During the meeting, Richard wasted no time in explaining what he wanted from the video. He explained how it was important for the video to appeal to both public and corporate customers alike and how the company catered for a wide range of events including garden parties, weddings and corporate events. He was also keen to explain how he didn’t want the video to be ‘boring and dull’ and that it was important for the video to capture the creative flair and uniqueness of the brand (something we knew wouldn’t be a problem).

Following the lengthy meeting, it was clear to us that there was no-one better equipped to explain the business to potential customers than Richard himself. After preparing a range of interview questions, we wasted no time in putting him in front of the camera and quickly found him to be a natural. Using the interview footage as a base for the video, we then joined Richard and Gavin at a local event where we obtained footage of the duo in action.

After a day or two locked away in our editing studio, we produced the short, two-minute video you see above. Richard immediately loved the video and was eager to share it on the company website and social media profiles.

With the help of the video, The Bespoke Bartender Company has gone from strength to strength with the company recently being hired for a number of prestigious events including a launch party for Adobe and a promotional event for the car manufacturer, Skoda.