12 Of The Most Awesome Gangnam Style Parody Videos

Having recently knocked Justin Bieber from the number one spot (thank god!), Gangnam Style is now the most viewed online video in the history of the internet. If you haven’t seen any of the parody videos, we think you’re missing out, so here’s a round-up of some of the best.


#1 – Eton Style

If you thought sending your kids to private school might be a good way of spending your hard earned cash, let this video reassure that it really isn’t.


#2 – London Style

Featuring Big Ben, The London Eye, Black Cabs, The London Underground and just about everything else you’d expect from the British parody, London Style has racked up nearly 4 million views on YouTube in just 2 months.


#3 – Mitt Romney Style

He might have lost the recent U.S. Election but Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has found fame in the most unlikely place; a Gangnam Style parody video. Ok, so it’s not actually him but with over 25 million views, who cares!?


#4 – Annoying Orange Style

Everyone loves the Annoying Orange…or do they? Either way, here’s the official Gangnam Style parody from the Annoying Orange. With 12 million views on YouTube, someone must like it.


#5 – Minecraft Style

Minecraft….you know, that game where you build stuff out of pixelated blocks for some reason? This must have took some serious time to make but with almost 30 million views, we’d imagine it was worth it.


#6 – Gunman Style

Have you been looking for an Asian Western parody of Gangnam Style? No, neither have we, but we still found one and loved it and it seems that with over 23 million views, so did a lot of other people.


#7 – Eastern Europe Style

We know what you’re thinking and yes, it is all a bit weird but that doesn’t stop us loving it, along with a couple million other people.


#8 – Hans Solo Style

Perhaps the shortest Gangnam Style parody out there, Hans Solo Style is 11 seconds of pure brilliance, or as one YouTube commenter put it, “Best 11 Seconds Of Your Life”.


#9 – Gangnam Style on Coke

Do you like Coke? Yes. Do you like Gangnam Style? Yes. Ok, watch this then…


#10 – Inmate Style

If you were ever worried that some prisoners weren’t getting the punishment they deserve these days, let this video put your mind at rest.


#11 – Lifeguard Style

It’s some lifeguards…ok?


#12 – GangMom Style

Oh look, it’s some guy and his Mom dancing to Gangnam Style! You can thank us later for this gem of a video, along with 7 million other people.


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