BodyForm’s Spoof YouTube Video Goes Viral

Around a week ago, a guy named Richard Neill posted a comment on BodyForm’s Facebook page where he humorously expressed his feelings about the brand’s marketing campaigns and how he felt they were not only misleading, but based on straight ‘lies’.

Richard’s Facebook rant drew attention to the way the brands TV ad’s marketed their sanitary towel products in such a visually misleading way, regularly using imagery such as “bike riding, rollercoaster’s, dancing, parachuting, ‘blue water’ and wings”. Basically, he was saying “why do you make the ‘time of the month’ appear to be so much fun when it isn’t?”.

Needless to say, Richard’s comment went viral and within just a few hours, his comment had racked up thousands of views and at the time of writing this post (approximately one week after it was originally posted), it had attracted over ninety-thousand “Like’s” and nearly four-thousand comments.

Not wanting to miss a potentially huge advertising opportunity, one of BodyForm’s marketing guru’s had the bright idea to post a video response to Richard’s comment, which has now also gone viral, attracting over 170,000 views on YouTube in just one day.

The video (embedded above) features fictional CEO Caroline Williams explaining to Richard how he was right and how the company had indeed purposefully misinformed him in order to protect him from the reality surrounding a woman’s ‘time of the month’.

As with all successful viral videos, the idea is not only funny but also extremely simple and although it might not the most daring video concept ever, it is certainly a far cry from the bog-standard, safe marketing that brands like BodyForm usually adhere to.

At the very least, the video has done two things from a marketing point of view; it has significantly raised BodyForm’s brand awareness around the world and also increased their social media following, allowing the brand to connect with more potential customers than before, especially on Facebook.

When you look deeper into the effects of the video however, you realise it has done far more than this. BodyForm has always been a straight-laced brand and as previously mentioned, they have never really offered anything ‘out of the ordinary’ when it comes to their marketing campaigns. With just one video, the company has been presented in a completely new light and has shown that despite its rather boring product, it still has a sense of humour and is not only in touch with the public, but also cares what they have to say (apparently enough to post a video response to a Facebook comment).

It was certainly a genius idea on behalf of BodyForm to post the video response and if there was ever any doubt as to just how powerful online video marketing can be, it seems the ‘proof is in the pudding’.

Although great video marketing, for us personally, we doubt anything will ever be as brilliant as the ad (AKA. marketing perfection!).


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