Stephen Hawking Kills Opera Singer With Black Hole (in a TV ad)

That’s right; Professor Stephen Hawking (i.e. the world famous physicist, author and cosmologist) has become the latest ‘celebrity’ to star in a TV ad. But the question is, what’s he selling?

If you were holding out for an (even briefer) briefer history of time, I’m afraid it’s bad news and if I’m being brutally honest, I think it’s already pretty brief considering the complexity of the subject. However, if you’re secretly a physics geek currently paying over-the-odds for your car insurance (which you almost certainly are), it’s your lucky day.

Why? Because Stephen Hawking is the latest (somewhat unlikely) star to sell car insurance on behalf of UK based brand, (you know…the one with the annoying opera singer?).

Not seen it? No worries, it’s here:

Personally, I think the video concept is pretty funny but the thing is, once you’ve seen it a couple of times and got over that, the question still remains; what exactly is the world’s most famous scientist doing selling car insurance?

I mean, someone as famous as Professor Hawking must be constantly inundated with offers to star in ads and clearly, he hasn’t previously chosen to star in any until now so what makes this one any different?

The answer it seems is simple; he was just a fan of the adverts (as well as opera). Here’s what Hawking himself told the Daily Mail:

“I confess I am a fan of the adverts, but I am also an opera fan, so I was delighted to be given the opportunity to help save the nation and silence Gio. I hope the public find it as funny as I did.”

So there you go; he hasn’t ‘sold out’ as many people are claiming, he did it for fun. Still, I’m sure the money was a nice bonus; although I did hear that they only paid him a tenor…

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