Hello, we are ShortyMedia and welcome to our brand new website!

We’ve been working on the site a while, so it’s good to finally have something to show for all our efforts and hopefully, you can now look at all the fantastic work we’ve been doing over the past few months. As far as companies go, we are still in our infancy but are our work is not. We’ve got years of experience in the video industry including wedding videography and music video production. We’re now turning our attention to web and corporate videos under the ShortyMedia brand.

We’ve already had the opportunity to work with some pretty great clients, and over the months, we expect you work with many more (you might even be one of them!).

We’ll also be posting regular, informative blog posts on our site as we known online video marketing can be a confusing subject, so we’ll do our best to offer our expert advice.

That’s everything for now. We hope you enjoy our work.

Martin & Josh @ ShortyMedia

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